Pumpkin Patch Childcare
(732) 750-5770
131-133 Avenel St
Avenel, NJ 07001
Pumpkin Patch Infant Center
(732) 750-2996
95-97 Avenel St.
Avenel, NJ 07001
Our full-day Kindergarten program will expose your child to valuable lessons and knowledge. Our goal is to help each student acquire the following skills:

To function well in a work & social environment.

To problem solve and learn to make proper decisions.

To recognize self value and personal pride.

To respect oneself and other's property.

To express oneself through creative outlets.

To enforce educational growth, physical and mental well being.

To provide educational experiences that meet the needs of every student.

Teach children to accept responsibility for their own learning.

Offer a competent staff and program that maintains high levels of skills
and performance.

Utilize the community's physical and human resources as partners
in the process of education.

Maintain an effective form of communication among students,
staff, parents, and the Board of Education.
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